Mold and Moisture

Molds occurs naturally in our environment.  Tiny particles of mold can be found everywhere in the indoor and outdoor air.  Mold needs moisture to grow.  Indoors molds are commonly found anywhere humidity levels are high.  Moisture can come from:

 ♦ Flooding
 ♦ Condensation on or around windows
 ♦ Leaks in roofs, walls, and floors
 ♦ Plumbing leaks and drainage problems
 ♦ Damp basements and crawl spaces
 ♦ Clothes dryer venting indoors
 ♦ Poor or improper ventilation of combustion appliances
 ♦ Humidifiers

Moisture control is the key to stopping mold problems. The best practice regardless of the type or amount of mold is to promptly clean up any mold growth in your home and to correct the water problem that caused it.
Currently, the Office of Environmental Health is unaware of any federal, state or local environmental or health regulations regarding mold contamination. As such, neither the OEH nor the Environmental Protection Agency can require a building or property owner to remediate mold problems.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Environmental Health using one of the methods listed  below.

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