Office of Environmental Health

Overview of Things We Do:

This office is focused on protecting the public from such things as foodborne illness and transmission of various diseases that are directly related to personal hygiene and other non-sanitary conditions. We organize, coordinate, and assist in many different programs such as:

  • ♦ Public bathing places
  • ♦ Hotel/Motels
  • ♦ Rabies

Also, the office provides the following:

  • ♦ Food service training for certification
  • ♦ Environmental disease prevention training
  • ♦ Laboratory analytical services for individuals requesting assistance in evaluating their water wells 
  • ♦ Soil profiles
  • ♦ Percolation tests
  • ♦ Indoor air quality investigations
  • ♦ Inspections and investigations related to food or vectors and follow-up's on complaints
  • ♦ Food safety education materials


  *To request a public health professional to attend your next health fair please contact our office. Contact information can be found by clicking the "Contact Us" tab on the left side of the page.